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1987, French

Born in 1987 in Marseille, Nobless is a young French street artist. He began graffiti from an early age, and was always attracted by ephemeral art, that of the street, which can be modified, dirty, embellished or even destroyed!

While making a wall one night in Narbonne, he meets Aiiroh who is impressed by his sense of composition. Aiiroh agrees to take him as an assistant in his workshop where he will work for 5 years. For 1 year, Nobless (play on word between "Noblesse" and "No Bless") has embarked on the adventure of the reduced format on canvases. Accustomed to dress walls of 65 feet long, here he is today composing 40inches to 80inches canvases. "This is a particularly dangerous exercise but a challenge that wakes me up after so many years of routine! Also, it is no longer ephemeral art but fixed forever, it is the antithesis of street-art. I like to know that you can always see my work intact over time ... "

He made a series Linéa, made entirely with the bomb on canvas. "This iconic character is not my generation but I find it poetic and these white lines allow me to play with the contrast of colorful backgrounds! I love that the message sometimes has double or triple sense...”

Being a very young artist, Nobless works with his time and sometimes uses computers to finalize his compositions. They are then printed on vinyl (enhanced with gel), a process that has become classic in pop art since Andy Warhol.

An emerging and promising artist, Nobless is now represented on the international scene in several galleries in France, Switzerland and the USA.

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