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“Wish for Peace, prepare for Art" by AIIROH

Limited Edition on 50
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Behold "Wish for Peace, Prepare for Art", an evocative creation by the artist Aiiroh. This masterpiece portrays a column of stormtroopers set against a backdrop of vibrant street art. Assembled with meticulous detail, the juxtaposition of these iconic figures against the colorful urban landscape invites contemplation on the intersection of power, conflict, and artistic expression. With each brushstroke, Aiiroh prompts reflection on the delicate balance between aspirations for peace and the realities of a world shaped by art and warfare.

Technique: Print on Fine Art paper

Dimensions: 75 x 75 x 0.1 cm

Note by the label: Limited edition on 50, numbered and signed with stencil by Aiiroh

The Artist : Aiiroh has been a renowned Street Artist for more than 20 years. Since 2010, he has been in over 50 worldwide galleries exposing his art. The original pieces are in a permanent exhibition at the W hotel in Switzerland. He has worked in collaboration with notorious chef Nobu and luxury watches such as Hublot and Corum brands. Aiiroh has also designed an Art Bottle for the prestigious French Vineyard Bertaud Belieu in St Tropez. He has been collected by many celebrities including major hip hop icons and international actors. He has been exposed during Art Basel in Fontainebleau - Miami. He is ranked one of the top French artists in regards of auction house results. Aiiroh was born in Narbonne, France in 1987 and graduated with an art & design degree in France. At 13 years of age, he started working as a street artist, working on wall graffiti in various cities throughout France and Europe. In some of his works, he integrates brands to remind us of the dependency that human beings have for consumer products. The graphic strength of these brands and the subliminal effect it has on our collective unconscious and on our aesthetic codes. He declares himself simply as a follower of “Pop artists” mixed with street influences. For the past few years, he was focusing on re-interpretation of iconic figures and pop symbols through posters he finds in the streets of Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Narbonne, next to his old graffiti “spots”. As he always loves to explore new concept and support, he has recently released his art digitally within an NFT collection, and in 2022 he collaborated with the luxury Swiss watchmaker, Corum, on a limited watch edition inspired by his artwork, the Bubble Aiiroh.

He is a well-established artist in France, Switzerland, and USA.

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