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"Best Fits - FullSet" by NOBLE$$ x NAMISEN

€1 100.00
Limited Edition of 10
Product Details

Description: Behold the enchanting series "Best Fits", a harmonious fusion of two visionary female artists: the French street artists, Noble$$, and the blossoming Japanese talent, Namisen . Within this ethereal collection lie two masterpieces, each portraying the opulent allure of a Louboutin shoe. Designed as a diptych, they unveil the dual essence of a singular creation. One, baptized "Kuro", unveils the mysterious shades of night, while its counterpart, "Shiro", radiates with the purity of dawn. Delve into this realm where artistry dances hand in hand with elegance, crafting an enchanting tale for the senses to behold.

Technique: Canvas.

Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 2 cm.

Note by the label: Limited edition on 10 (+10 the Full Set) + AP, numbered and signed with stencil by Noble$$ and Namisen.

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